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Move More


Move More

Exercising is one of the single best ways to help improve your health. But many people feel that fitting in activity is not easy. Here you can find tools and tips to help you realize your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

No matter how active you are or how active you want to be, we can help educate and lead you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise and Heart Health

Staying physically fit has seemingly endless benefits. In addition to helping prevent heart disease, exercise is known to reduce stress and improve sleep, energy level, mood and even brain functioning. For people with heart disease, exercise can keep symptoms in check and prevent problems from getting worse.

Most Americans don’t get enough exercise and, therefore, don’t reap the health benefits. Find out how you can stay active at any age—even if you have heart disease.

How Hard is the Activity?

Your ability to do certain activities offers a window into your overall health.

Use this handout to understand activity levels for common activities. Talk with your care team about what you can do at each health visit.

How Hard is the Activity

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