What Is Care4Today™?

JHI created the Care4Today™ master brand to reflect our commitment to transforming healthcare for the consumer. This master brand represents outcomes-focused solutions that are designed to help deliver quality and customized healthcare when and where our patients need it. There are currently four sub-branded solutions within Care4Today™: Heart Health Solutions, Mental Health Solutions, Mobile Health Manager and Orthopaedic Solutions.

Janssen Healthcare Innovation brings together a diverse group of passionate colleagues focused on transformational healthcare innovation. This future-focused team operates like a nimble startup company with a “fail-fast, learn, iterate, reapply and execute with excellence” mentality that is bringing to life new integrated care models and technology-enabled solutions that will deliver value for patients and new growth for J&J. Based in the US and Europe, JHI is a unique place to build a career and influence the future of healthcare.

Delivering personalized care directly to you, Powered by Care4Today™ provides tools and information to patients and caregivers with the goal of improving health outcomes. Novel technologies are applied to healthcare challenges in an effort to increase efficiency and effectiveness through coordination, communication, and connectivity. Easier, more accurate healthcare solutions – Powered by Care4Today™.